Things To Look For In A Child Care Staff


If your first child is about to go to a child care center, for pre-k 4 classes or even daycare, you are probably wondering what expectations and standards you can set for care providers. Here are some things you should definitely look for in a care provider.

Great Staff Make Personal Connections with the Children

You can certainly tell how much a staff values the children under their care by the personal connections they have with them. It's natural to see certain students trending towards certain staff members. Look for the little inside jokes and games that the children have with their favorite staff members. Staff should be warm and receptive to the children. If you see children mostly sticking among themselves, it's a sign that the staff is disengaged from the children's needs. Children will naturally start to feel more comfortable with teachers and staff who have been receptive to them in the past. Thus, you can tell a lot when you visit a daycare center for observations.

Also have your child come for a few visits and see how they do when you're not around for a brief time. Hopefully, you'll find that the staff remember you child's name and some of their interests. You can see your child's reaction to returning to the daycare center right away, without them having to say anything to you. Perhaps they can't say how they're feeling to you. Of course, there's a difference when your child is simply not used to being away from you. In that case, does the staff at least make a genuine effort to comfort your child and help them adjust to the situation? If they do, you will see your child gradually become more relaxed with each visit.

Great Staff Are Prepared

Another thing to consider is that these staff members will be keeping your child safe while you are away. Having fun at pre-k 4 classes is one thing, but a great child care center will make you feel confident that they can handle any emergency that comes their way. To get a sense of this, review you child's particular needs and see if staff have any experience in dealing with children with similar issues. See how their emergency evacuation or illness plans work. Also note what kind of medical training staff have, whether it be first responder training or child CPR. It's all helpful when you're trying to get a good feeling about your preschool center.

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29 August 2017

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