Dropping Your Little One Off At Daycare: 4 Tips To Make It Easier


Few things are more emotionally gut-wrenching than leaving a crying toddler at daycare, but for many working adults, this is a familiar scenario. It is not uncommon for toddlers to cry when they are left at daycare for the first few times, but ongoing issues need to be addressed. Looking to make daycare drop-offs easier on you and your child? Follow a few tips and before you know it, your child might even be looking forward to daycare:

1. Pack a Familiar Toy From Home

A lot of times, children who are new to a daycare clinic will become uncomfortable or scared when they're dropped off because they're not familiar with their surroundings. In some cases, bringing in a special toy, blanket, or other trinket from home can help your child feel more comfortable because they have something familiar with them to make them feel safe. 

2. Work on Managing Your Own Stress and Fears

It's no secret that young children are very impressionable. In fact, your child picks up a lot of traits directly from you, so make sure you're taking steps to manage your own stress when you drop off your child at daycare. If your child senses that you're stressed or anxious, they're more likely to react in the same way when it comes time to say goodbye.

3. Keep a Predictable Schedule

While it's not always possible depending on your work schedule and other factors, making an effort to drop your child off and pick him/her up at roughly the same time each day is another way to help your child find comfort in being at daycare. Often times, a child's fears about being at daycare stem from not knowing when you're coming back, so sticking with a strict schedule will help to establish trust and relieve their concerns.

4. Lay Out Those Expectations

A lot of parents find success in simply walking their children through their daily daycare routine. Beginning when the child wakes up, remind him or her that you're going to get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to daycare. Explain to your child that they will see their friends and read a book (or any other activity) with their caretakers when they arrive.

While nothing may take the sting out of saying goodbye to your little one each day, these tips can make a big difference in how your child copes with it. Contact a company like Kidstown Drop-In Child Care Center for more information and assistance. 


30 August 2017

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