Baby Steps: The Pros Of Enrolling Your Child In Preschool


It's a humbling fact that children grow fast. One moment, they are helpless infants and the next, toddlers who can speak their minds on just about anything. When it comes time to think about their upcoming school journey, parents may feel a bit unsure of how to proceed. Luckily, preschool offers an introductory way for children to learn in the classroom setting without committing to full-time school days. Offered to toddlers of various ages, preschool is an excellent first step towards their school journey. Here are just a few of the many benefits of enrolling your child in preschool.

A Head Start for School

One of the biggest benefits that your child can receive from attending preschool is getting a solid head start before beginning kindergarten. No matter how bright, children who enter school without the preschool experience can often struggle with separation anxiety from their parents. By offering your child the chance to attend preschool, they will have the opportunity to be among other children their age in a classroom setting. Luckily for parents, preschool is offered at convenient schedules with options such as partial days and weeks. Explaining to your child how fun it will be to learn with others at preschool will help get them excited for their upcoming preschool journey.

Learning the Basics

Preschool will also offer your child the basics that they will need to know before starting kindergarten. Without these basics, children may be lost or feel left behind so it is imperative they have a general knowledge of what to expect. Topics covered in the preschool setting include counting numbers, the alphabet, science, and learning about nature. Without being too overwhelming of a workload, preschool lessons will help your child get into the groove of learning about new topics during school hours. Understanding the role of a teacher will also help your child communicate with their future educators and allow them to be more comfortable asking for help when needed. 

Social Benefits

Being around other children in the preschool setting is an excellent way to grow social skills. Sharing is one of the biggest hurdles to teach young children, something many parents find frustrating. Fortunately, preschool classes encourage everyone to have a turn to participate and promote sharing skills. Taking turns will help your child understand that every child's voice matters and that it is respectful to give others a chance to express themselves. Learning that others may be from different backgrounds or have different beliefs as theirs will also help your child grow to comprehend that there are many different types of people in the world. What they will find most important, though, is knowing that they are gathered together to learn in a safe and wholesome environment. To learn more, contact a program like Montessori School Of Salt Lake Inc.


8 November 2021

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