3 Changes To Make To Your Routine To Prepare Your Child For Preschool


If your child is going to start preschool in a few weeks, you are going to want to make sure that they are ready for the transition. Here are a few changes that you can start making to your routine that will help make attending preschool easier on your child.

#1 Stick To A Set Bed Time

If your child's bed time currently varies a lot, the first thing you should do is figure out the best time for your child to go to sleep based on when they will need to be up for preschool. Start working on moving your child to that bed time every night of the week. Making your child's bed time consistent before they start school will help ensure that they get enough sleep for school and that they don't feel that going to bed "early" is because of school but is instead just a regular part of their daily routine.

#2 Work On A Morning Routine

Second, start to work on a more streamlined morning routine for your child. When your child attends preschool, they are going to need to get up, dressed, eat breakfast and get out of the house at a specific time. This can feel like a really big change to your child, especially if they are used to getting ready at their own pace.

Look at your morning routine and see if it lines up with getting ready to go to preschool. If it doesn't, make some adjustments. For example, if you normal let your child hang out in their pajamas for a couple hours after getting up, start encouraging and help your child get dressed right after they eat breakfast. If you typically let your child play before eating breakfast, cut down on their morning play time and move breakfast time up. These small adjustments to your morning routine will make going to preschool easier.

#3 Talk About School

Finally, talk to your child about going to preschool. Talk about how you will be getting ready, and in the morning, talk about how in a few weeks you'll be getting in the car and driving to preschool. You can even practice getting in the car and driving to the local preschool. See if you can get a tour of the school with your child in attendance so they can see where they will be going to school. During the day, talk with your child about the fun activities they will be doing at that time in preschool. Mentally preparing your child by talking about how preschool is going to fit into their regular routine will help make the transition easier on your child.

For more information about preparing your child for preschool, talk to groups like Kid's Country Learning Center.


26 July 2017

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