Daycare Learning, Fun Style: Three Examples to Include in Your Classroom!


Finding new ways to help your daycare students learn in fun, yet productive ways can sometimes feel like a challenge! However, there are plenty of excellent ways to encourage young minds to learn while having a blast. Use the daycare environment to your advantage and help foster a space dedicated to encouraging children to learn about the world around them. Here are three simple yet fun ideas to try out in your daycare classroom that will surely be a hit with your students!

1. Letters and Numbers

Learning letters and numbers is something most children learn when entering the school system. However, daycare can be a fantastic way to introduce the alphabet and numeric system beforehand. A great way to do this is to display letters and numbers around the classroom in interesting and colorful ways. Felt numbers hung by ribbon, for example, provide decorative flair to your classroom while and are a fun way for children to learn to recognize numbers! Using a song or rhythm, just encourage your students to count from one to ten while pointing to each number.

Posters, on the other hand, are a great way to display letters along with corresponding pictures, such as an alligator for the letter A and an octopus for the letter O, to help children learn the sounds associated with each letter! Even if your students are too young to fully grasp the concepts of letters or numbers, simply being surrounded by the visuals will help them learn to recognize the characters. 

2. Seasons and Holidays

Upcoming holidays are great opportunities to encourage your class to learn more about the seasons and different cultural celebrations. Decorating your room with season-appropriate and festive decorations can encourage your students to learn more and create on their own! Craft kits are a hands-on way for students to learn more about holidays and develop their fine motor and artistic skills. Thanksgiving, for example, could feature an activity where children paint a paper plate and add glued-on feathers to create a handmade turkey! Likewise, decorations of all kinds can be glued or taped to a handmade Christmas tree that can be taken home to their family for the holidays. The possibilities are truly endless with each holiday and your children will be overjoyed to participate. 

3. Artistic Expression

Children thrive when they are able to freely express themselves in creative ways. With their vast and impressive imaginations at hand, creativity comes naturally to them. Plan activities to foster artistic expression in their lives. Dance, music, songs, and artwork are all wonderful methods of encouraging young minds to express themselves. Nursery rhymes are a great way to incorporate several mediums at once. You can encourage the class to sing along while dancing. Basic musical instruments are fun to include in this activity as well! Handheld drums, rhythm sticks, tambourines, and shakers are excellent examples of instruments that are easy to use for small hands. You could even have an arts and crafts activity to make some of them. 

Engaging, reputable programs, like Kids Kampus Child Care and Early Learning Center, will incorporate learning in fun ways in their curriculum and their programs and activities. To ensure that your students are having fun learning, make sure your daycare does the same.


30 November 2022

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